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About Us

Dr. Anthony Pugliese has a double license in Naprapathy and Acupuncture, he specializes with Acupuncture in Cosmetic, Women’s Health, Anxiety, Eye Care and General.


Dr. Anthony Pugliese (Dr. Tony) believes the goal of acupuncture is to correct imbalances of flow and restore health through stimulation, generally by inserting needles through the skin at points along the meridians of the body. Acupuncture may also be effective because it targets painful tender points, sometimes called trigger points. Additionally, acupuncture may decrease pain-causing inflammation by stimulation the body’s pituitary gland to reduce cortisol, a hormone that is known to reduce inflammation. Dr. Tony learned first hand about the rapid pain relief and healing ability of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. His special interest in using acupuncture as a first-line treatment to prevent surgery, or if surgery is necessary, to reduce pain and speed rehabilitation post-operative and any other health issues.


1985 – Post Graduate National College of Naprapathic Medicine.

1990 – Graduate in Midwest Center of Oriental Medicine in Chicago.

2013 – Post Graduate Certification in Infertility with Acupuncture.

2014 – Post Graduate Certification in Cosmetic Acupuncture.

2018 – Post Graduate Certification in Eye Care.

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