Cristina & Les Grahn


Dear Dr Tony,

Cris & Les need to share our success story relative to your treating Cristina for abdominal discomfort that had been troubling her for several decades.


Traditional medical pursuits including every test imaginable provided little insight or relief and only left to a host of guesswork and unhelpful prescriptions. Cristina has continual pain in the neighborhood of 7 or 8 on a scale of 10 being the worst. It was a serious concern for us both & we had lost faith in specialist intervention with poor results. We were desperate for pain relief.


You were recommended by a friend or two of mine so we contacted you. Your response was immediate, compassionate & you stated that you can help her. We sought treatment that very same day. We arranged for ten visits twice weekly. The positive results of your efforts were almost immediate. Cristina is feeling greatly improved never exceeding 2 on the same pain scale. She is feeling better in every way you can imagine! We are now seeing you every two weeks for now & all is near perfect.


We want to provide a special word of thanks to you Dr. & share with you what a credit you are to your profession. You’ve changed our lives with your skill & empathy. We clearly see now why you were so strongly recommended. Cris & I are now your advocates & will encourage anyone we meet who has pain issues to see Dr. AF Pugliese.


Sincerely & Faithfully Yours,


Cristina & Les Grahn

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