My life changed five years ago when doctors told me I got rheumatoid arthritis. They started giving me medicines that made me feel worse. I was sleepy most of the time and I didn’t want to do things like I used to because pain was very strong and I couldn’t even move.


Everything now is different I met doctor

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I first came to see Dr. Tony in 2017. I had a bad shoulder that was not responding at all to drugs or therapy, he told me it would take 6 to 12 visits on my first visit. After the very first visit, I was able to put my shirt on which I couldn’t do before without pain. I told

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Dear Dr. Tony,

Where do I begin? You and acupuncture have saved my life. In 2011 I found myself in the middle of a horribly dark place with no end in sight. I was incredibly depressed and anxiety ridden and every doctors solution was medication. Xanax and Paxil are the two I was prescribed, and they did nothing but make

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